MagBlok – Dry Fire Training and Safety Tool


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MagBlok is a patented tool designed to enhance the realism, convenience and safety of dry fire manipulation of the firearm.

MagBloks are inserted into the top of an empty magazine, pushing down and blocking the follower so that the slide lock lever does not lock the slide to the rear when working the slide on semi-automatic handguns.

This prevents the need to manually release the slide each time it is racked when dry-fire training. The slide will not lock back when MagBlok is inserted, causing the slide to function as it would if the magazine had ammunition in it.

This duplicates the mechanical functionality of your handgun when conducting dry-fire training, preventing unnecessary training scars! Each pack comes with three (3) MagBlok inserts. MagBlok is caliber specific but not firearm specific. For example, 9mm MagBloks will work in any 9mm firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When I cycle the slide of the firearm manually will it extract the MagBlok from the magazine and gun?
A: No. The MagBlok will remain in the magazine until you manually remove it.

Q: How does the MagBlok prevent slide lock?
A: The MagBlok pushes down the follower in your magazine. With the follower pushed down the slide lock cannot engage. Since the MagBlok has a narrow but clear channel it doesn’t catch on the slide lock at all and allows the slide to return forward into battery.

Q: Can I combine the MagBlok with dummy ammunition?
A: Yes. Many of our customers fill their magazines with dummy rounds during dry fire in order to add weight to the gun. Just leave the magazine one short of full and insert the MagBlok into the top of the magazine.

Q: Can I insert the MagBlok into a magazine with live ammunition?
A: Technically yes but we don’t recommend it. When conducting any dry fire we feel it is an important safety rule to fully remove any and all live ammunition from the environment.

Q: What products can I use the MagBlok with?
A: The MagBlok is compatible with MantisX, LaserDot (and other laser ammo inserts), BarrelBlok, and Cool Fire Trainer. If you have questions about any other compatibility please contact us.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1.5 cm


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