SIRT Pistol IWB / OWB Training Holster


Extends the holster beyond your chosen model by approx 1-inch. You can also choose to have it made as long as possible. Specific lengths may also be requested in the order notes.

A foam wedge can help with comfort and position the gun closer into the body

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This holster is NOT designed for EDC use. It doesn’t come with a wedge and comes standard with a FOMI clip which we do NOT recommend for actual carry. This SIRT training holster is designed to provide a low-cost holster option to use with your SIRT Laser Training Gun. If you want to buy a holster for your SIRT that can also be used with your corresponding EDC firearm we recommend The Lexington from KSG Armory.

SIRT Pistols, from Next Level Training, are excellent training pistols. Most of the SIRT pistols are modeled after actual firearms. There are SIRT pistols that compare to Glock, Sig Sauer, and Smith and Wesson handguns. In those instances, you can use the SIRT in a holster made for the corresponding firearm. The SIRT Pocket Pistol however is not modeled after an actual firearm and as such, there is no corresponding holster that works well with the SIRT Pocket Pistol.

This training holster is designed then to achieve 2 things:

  1. Provide a holster option that is molded to work correctly with the SIRT pocket pistol.
  2. Provide a low-cost option for a training holster that is not built or designed for daily concealment but is effective for dry fire practice.

Holster Features:

  • Ambidextrous. The holster will be set up for right-handed use but to change it to left-handed use, just remove the hardware and flip it around.
  • Adjustable retention. Two retention screws can be adjusted to give you the retention you want
  • Adjustable cant. The high number of attachment points on the holster allows you to put the belt clip at an angle and in doing so adjust the retention by 15-20 degrees
  • Adjustable ride height. Similarly, you can raise the belt clip up or down on the holster for some adjustment in height
  • Edges are fully buffed and smooth. No sharp edges or corners
  • Red dot and suppressor-height sight compatible. If using the SIRT SPOT Sight or a red dot on your actual firearm in dry fire practice it will not interfere with the holster

The bottom of the holster is left at least partially open to ensure that anything falling into the holster will likely fall right out.

The SIRT holster comes standard without a wing but if your EDC holster has a wing you might find you need a wing on your training holster to best mimic the position and draw. Add a ModWing if desired to the SIRT holster. The tip of the Modwing is removable and has two options for height.

The SIRT holster is vacuum-formed on CNC molds for precision, crafted from .080″ thickness of Boltaron which is 25% thicker than the common thickness used by many other holster companies. Boltaron gives you an edge in terms of material strength, is more resistant to deformation from being left in high-temp environments while also being more resistant to cracking in freezing temperatures. Boltaron is also more chemical and solvent resistant than Kydex.

Only available in Black.

60-day satisfaction guarantee!  If you don’t love it – for any reason – return it for a full refund.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 cm


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