LASR Classic: Laser Activated Shot Reporter


This is the top software program to facilitate laser-simulated training with tools like the SIRT. Download and activate the software program on your computer, outline your targets with the webcam, and let the software put you through training drills.


This product is software and as such to utilize you will need a license key from the manufacturer. After purchase, it may take up to 30 minutes to receive your license key via email along with download and setup instructions.

LASR is a simple software program that you buy online and download to your laptop. Then, using any webcam you just point the camera at your targets and run your drills.

Here are some of the major features of the Software:

  • Use ANY webcam
  • Use ANY P.C. Computer or Laptop
  • Use ANY target (paper is fine)
  • Use ANY Laser Simulation Gun


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