LaserDot Ammo Maintenance Kit


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Replacement batteries and O-Rings for your laser ammo cartridge available now!

The LaserDot is rated to provide 3000 “shots” and a set of batteries but eventually, they will die! When they do replace them in this convenient maintenance kit along with the O-Rings.

The O-rings on your LaserDot ensure it will be snug and properly aligned in the chamber of your firearm. O-rings also wear out over time and we recommend replacing them at the same time you replace the batteries.

Please note that while the batteries used in your LaserDot are the same regardless of caliber (LR626 Batteries), the O-rings are not the same size. Please order the maintenance kit that matches the caliber of LaserDot you use.

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Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm


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