9mm Dummy Ammo Training Inert Rounds



These 9mm Dummy Rounds are ideal for malfunction drills, diagnosing shooting problems, gun handling drills, classroom work, loading and reloading drills.

These totally inert, highly visible rounds are an effective and safe way to master your firearm handling skills.

Previously known as the OptiDrill Dummy Ammo by Newbold, Ready Up Gear now brings you the same product perfect for training applications when live ammunition isn’t an option.

Each round is made using a solid brass case for maximum durability and has a solid polymer primer to protect your firing pin when dry firing.


  • Safely practice loading and unloading magazines, cylinders, and firearms in a classroom setting
  • Prevent damage to firing pin why operating the firearm without live ammunition
  • Prevent slide lock during dry fire practice
  • Induce a Double Feed for practice and training
  • Induce a Stope Pipe or failure to fire for practice and training
  • Run a drill with live ammo followed by a dummy round to diagnose recoil anticipation


  • Solid polymer primer to protect your firing pin when dry fire practicing
  • Highly visible orange helps distinguish from live rounds and makes them easy to find on the floor of the range
  • Made with a Solid Brass case for maximum durability
  • Sold in packs of 5, 20 & 50.
  • Fully EU Compliant as the firing pin will strike solid polymer

Made in the USA with the highest standards of consistency and quality.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 cm


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